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GrimmRose Cottage



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Introducing our speciality peel and stick vinyl for DIYers.
Panel is 12” x 50” with a 12” x 12” repeatable pattern. 

Heres a few of the ways you can use these designs:

Furniture Makeover: Transform the look of furniture like dressers, desks, or cabinets by covering drawer fronts, table tops, or the entire piece.

Stair Risers: Add a pop of color or pattern to stair risers to create a unique and eye-catching feature in your home.

Bookshelves and Cabinets: Line the back panels of bookshelves or inside cabinets to give a fresh, customized look that enhances the display.

Headboards: Create a faux headboard by applying peel and stick wallpaper directly to the wall behind your bed, or to a piece of plywood for a movable option.

Kitchen Backsplashes: Use it as an easy-to-clean, decorative backsplash in the kitchen to add style without the permanence of tile.

Accent Panels: Frame sections of peel and stick wallpaper to create custom art pieces or accent panels that can be easily moved or updated.

Drawer Liners: Line the inside of drawers to add a decorative touch and protect the wood from scratches and stains.

Switch Plate Covers: Cover switch plate covers and outlet covers with wallpaper to blend them seamlessly into your room’s design.

Planters and Pots: Wrap planters and flower pots to coordinate them with your décor, adding a cohesive look to your indoor garden.

Temporary Room Dividers: Apply peel and stick wallpaper to large panels or screens to create stylish, movable room dividers.

Door Panels: Apply wallpaper to flat or paneled doors to give them a fresh, decorative look. This can transform plain or outdated doors into stylish focal points.

Refrigerators: Cover the exterior of your refrigerator with peel and stick wallpaper to give it a new look or to coordinate it with your kitchen decor, making it a focal point rather than an eyesore.



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