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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Puffin Underglaze Transfer

Puffin Underglaze Transfer

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I personally craft every design, create each silkscreen, and hand screen-print every transfer right here in my studio. My products are proudly Canadian-made, ensuring 100% local production. What sets my transfers apart is the use of a specialized rice paper that's thicker, making it easier to apply to Bisqueware and resistant to tearing when absorbing water. While my underglaze can be fired from cone 06-6, if you need a higher cone, just send me a message, and I'll use my cone 10 underglaze for your specific requirements.

This rice paper decal is available in 15”x13" size. Perfect for both bisque and greenware.  Exclusive designs created by Tied to the Ocean Studio, you will not find my designs anywhere else. Color of transfer will appear lighter on rice paper but will darken after firing. 


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