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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Anglerfish Lantern

Anglerfish Lantern

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This piece is crafted from translucent fine white porcelain, which allows the sunlight to shine through. I shape it on a pottery wheel and apply a rich black paint, which is then carefully carved away using specialized tools, revealing the white porcelain beneath. This is a meticulous and time consuming process that creates highly detailed, intricate designs. 

Afterwards, each piece undergoes a four-week drying period before being fired in a kiln. Once fired, I apply a clear glaze, resulting in a smooth, glass-like surface. The piece is then fired again to achieve this effect. Then I add a touch of gold lustre, followed by yet another round in the kiln. Please note that due to the application of gold lustre, these pieces are not microwave safe. To ensure the longevity of your piece, I recommend hand washing.

Every creation is one of a kind, as the nature of carving clay, known as sgraffito, ensures that each piece is an original design crafted solely by me. Creating identical mugs is not my preference, which is why you'll never come across another one that's precisely like this.

LED light Included

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