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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Dying to Relax

Dying to Relax

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Amidst the eternal night of the graveyard, Skelly reclined in a makeshift hammock, bone joints creaking in satisfaction. His hollow eyes gazed upward, not in morbid reflection, but in celestial wonder. With each skeletal sway, he marveled at the cosmic ballet above. His skull echoed with laughter as shooting stars streaked across the sky. Who knew that even a skeleton, just dying to relax, could find solace in the glittering embrace of the night sky?

This piece comes to life through the combination of translucent white porcelain and the carving technique of sgraffito. First, the porcelain is shaped on a pottery wheel, providing it with its fundamental form. Following this, a rich layer of black paint is applied, serving as a canvas. I carve through the black paint, gradually exposing the translucent porcelain beneath, creating a captivating design that merges traditional craftsmanship with macabre artistry.


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