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Seal Resist Sticker

Seal Resist Sticker

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These are designed for clay, offering a seamless way to add intricate details to your ceramic pieces. Vinyl stickers adhere to your piece to provide clean lines and sharp edges for decorating with glazes and underglazes. Each Sticker sheet is 8” x 11”.

Resist Stickers are convenient for both bisque and greenware, as they can be directly applied to the clay surface after being removed from the backing paper. They offer ease of use and can be easily positioned and removed without the need for additional materials.

Adhesive Stencils are better suited for bisque-ware. These stencils are affixed to premasking tape, which serves as a transfer medium. The stencil is positioned on the piece using the premasking tape, and then the design is transferred onto the bisqueware by pressing or rubbing over the stencil. This method provides more precision and control over the placement of the stencil on the ceramic surface, making it ideal for use on the bisque surface which gives the stencil something to stick too.

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