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Tied to the Ocean Studio

The Mushrooms are Watching

The Mushrooms are Watching

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In the morning sunrise, the mushrooms eyes opened in silent unison. Their caps tilted, tracking the wanderer's every move. As the curious intruder moved, the fungal community stirred with a quiet awareness. The enchanted mushrooms, animated by an ancient magic, whispered tales of unseen realms and timeless mysteries.  With each sip of tea, the mushrooms observed, guardians of the realm, weaving silent narratives about the passing mortal, a fleeting visitor in the ancient dance of the enchanted woodland.

When I sit at the pottery wheel, with each turn and pull, the raw clay is shaping tales of both macabre and humor. The wheel hums as the vessel takes form, all the while, I’m imagining my next characters and stories.  I create each piece with a touch of darkness and a dash of amusement. A mischievous grin on a skeleton or a grim character doing every day tasks, each creation reflects the convergence of my imagination and the clays form. My pottery becomes a unique narrative, inviting both a delighted shiver and a hearty chuckle. This piece is dishwasher safe but I would recommend handwashing, and if it has gold accents it cannot go in the microwave. 

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